About Us

About Digitex Web IT Solutions

Digitex Web IT Solutions is a leading Global provider of outsourced business services and technology solutions with expertise in customer management. Digitex has diversified itself in providing Back Office Processing Services through their BPO Center in Kolkata, India. We provide value for money to our customers through all our services and solutions. Our strengths as a BPO Company lie in providing direct marketing, telesales, customer services, surveys and inbound process. Digitex Web IT Solutions promises long term Business Process Outsourcing both in India and across the globe.

This is achieved by cultivating a value added relationship in the minds of our customers through our esteemed services.

We as Indian BPO firm regularly improvise our outsourcing techniques and services by reducing costs for our clients through disciplined management techniques. These Business Process Outsourcing techniques involve monitoring and measurement of the agents’ performance on a regular basis. Digitex Technologies as a BPO works with an objective of providing in-depth training to its respective employees, with reference to clients’ programs and industry standard practices. We credit our success to those BPO services which work to combine people with process and technology, thereby strengthening the quality of teamwork through innovative tools.

Why US

India is always a preferred destination for knowledge based professionals and cheap work force. We are servicing our International clients in this model of business process outsource and we have been very successful in off shore outsourcing. We have understood the business nuances and adopted continuous improvement to give the best of the service to our clients and thus we provide BPO and Call centre Outsourcing Services in Kolkata, India.
With our expertise in Recruitment, it’s easy for us to source the domain experts in any business to work for the customer service and other outsourcing operation. “True Value for lesser money”

We Adopt custom made solutions to fit the client requirement thus providing cost effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call centre solutions. The client can save huge money and at the same time the work is accomplished by talented and skilled work force from our premises in India.
Our facilities are loaded with advanced telecom devices and IT solutions to handle any kind of Call center and BPO Services. Our technology team always liaisons with vendors to get the best of the technology for our centers.

The industry is now facing a big threat of data protection to avoid misuse of data. Digitex has forecasted these kinds of issues and developed systems to cut down these activities. We take adequate steps to offer best outsourcing services which includes Customer Service, Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Help Desk, Technical Trouble Shooting, Data Entry, Chat Services, Email Support, etc. We adopt paper less, restricted internet and high level of internet security to avoid Data seepage. It’s becoming important that any outsourcing center has to be complaint proof.

Advantages-Digitex Web IT Solutions

Strong process knowledge on International Processes Talented and trained resources to execute the outsourcing operation. Strong commitment towards service levels and quality standards


We understand the company objectives to outsource which are reviewed at regular intervals.
We define realistic goals in accordance with the expectations of the client company.
We decide people who would be in charge to whom the calling agents would report to.
Training manuals are designed to suit the project needs of client.
Recruitments are done and extensive training is given to employees in accordance with the project needs.
Assessment of quality and quantity gaps between actual and expected and identify solutions to overcome them.
Our company is driven by Values, Commitment and Dedication and thus we stand out in the crowd.